7 Tips That Will Give You The Best Shave In 2019

Getting a good shave is important and even more important is the necessity of getting the best shaving experience. Seeing that a lot of the information and ideas people form of us as humans are dependent on how we look, it is very necessary that when you shave, you shave well and get the best experience and the best result from shaving. There are several things we do while shaving that affects the outcome of our shave and I hope that after you consume this blog post, you would be able to get a good perspective on ways to change most of them for the better. In this blog entry, we would consider some easy steps towards getting the best experience and the best shave as the year draws to a close.

Trim Your Beard And Mustache

In this era where the concept of having a large beard is largely celebrated, and mustaches are coming back into vogue, with more and more people subscribing to the culture, it is important for me to mention this as the first point. Trimming your beard and mustache should be a priority for you in order to get the best from your shaving experience. Trimming your beard should be considered a very important act and very critical art, and as such, you should not just settle for anyone to trim your beard or mustache. This is because just anyone can ruin your beard or infect you with unkempt tools.

Hydrate Your Face With Warm Water

It is very much advised to shave after you’ve had a shower instead of before. The reason for this is for your face to be hydrated and to stay hydrated for the duration of the shaving so as to make the beards or facial hair easy to cut. This helps to achieve a smoother cut.

Apply A Good Shaving Cream

Shaving creams determine a lot about how shaving turns out. With a great shaving cream brand, you can get the best shaving experience with very little effort. Applying a very good shaving cream before shaving would help protect you from aftershave bumps on your face and gives you a smooth face.

Use A Single Blade Razor Or A Double Edge Razor

The kind of razor you use for shaving is also a major determining factor in the outcome of your shaving experience. So, for efficient shaving, use a single blade or double-edged razor and I would recommend the VIKINGS BLADE: The Godfather Safety Razor for single razor users and Feather All Stainless Steel Double-Edged Razor for double edge lovers.

Always Use A New Blade

The importance of using a new blade cannot be overemphasized. New blades protect you from bacteria which accumulate on used blades, waiting to be transferred into new bodies. Even if the old blade was used by you, get a new blade for new cuts.

Shave With Gentle Strokes

It is better and easier to shave against the grain and with the grain intermittently. This helps to ensure a smooth shaving experience. Shaving should be done with light gentle strokes to avoid cuts on your chin.

Apply Hydrating Aftershave

After shaving, it is important to apply highly effective aftershave to kill any bacteria that may be on the chin and to ensure that bumps do not appear.

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