7 Suit Fabrics And The Best In 2019

Suits are some really smart pieces of clothing and when properly tailored, they can really give the wearer an air of importance. Also, seeing that most CEOs and industry leaders rely on suits for their corporate meetings and interactions, these suits are slowly becoming important in our societies. The process of making suits is a very careful process of selecting the best fabric and finding the best designer to fashion the suit out of the fabric. To this end, many people end up with poorly designed and sewn suits because they make bad decisions when it comes to choosing a fabric and they make bad decisions when it comes to choosing the designer to make the suit. In this blog entry, we will consider some great suit fabrics.

#1: Wool

For some people, this may sound outlandish but it is actually a real thing to make suits from wool. Some of the benefits of using wool as a base material for suits is that wool is a very efficient form of insulating the body during cold weather conditions. Suits made from wool can be worn to all forms of events, but this is dependent on the skill of the designer and their ability to use them in a way that it does not feel too heavy. One of the downsides of using wool for making suits is the fact that it attracts dirt easily and can be quite difficult to wash. Avoid using these kinds of suits in dusty areas where there is too much wind and for washing, always consider paying experience launderers to do the job.

Linen Suit Bosses Luxury

#2: Linen

Another very popular fabric used for suits is the Linen and this fabric is quite effective in designing really beautiful suits. Linen is a very popular fabric generally, and although maintenance should be done with great care, suits made from Linen tend to last longer. One downside to using Linen for making suits is that it tends to be selective in terms of washing. Consult a professional launderer before making a washing decision for your linen suit.

Cotton Suit Bosses Luxury

#3: Cotton

Cotton suits are quite in vogue, as much as Linen suits and this is based on the fact that Cotton is also a highly favored fabric for making clothes generally. With Cotton, you don’t have to worry about the susceptibility to stain that comes with Wool suits, however, you have to be careful when using white Cotton suits.

Silk Suit Bosses Luxury

#4: Silk

Silk is another wonderful fabric used for making suits and comes in handy when experimenting with new designs that are not conventional. Silk offers a wide range of possibilities when it comes to making a new suit and working with suits can be very flexible.

Velvet Suit Bosses Luxury

#5: Velvet

In recent times, more and more velvet fabrics have featured in fashion magazines, which is indicative of the fact that more and more designers are embracing this fabric option. With the thickness of velvet fabric, making and wearing suits is becoming enjoyable again.


Polyester Suit Bosses Luxury

#6: Polyester

Polyester fabric has made a grand re-entry into the suit fashion scene in recent times, and this is inspired, in part, by the flexibility of this fabric. Using and maintaining the polyester suit is quite easy to manage.

Worsted Suits Bosses Luxury

#7: Worsted

This fabric is one of a kind and comes in a very wide variety of huge selection. Using the worsted fabric, however, requires a lot of attention and produces very brilliant and durable suits when properly designed.

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